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Programs and Activities   


Independent Living Skills Programs
-Our Independent Living Skills Programs focus on teaching adolescents who are transitioning into adulthood, teaching academic success, career goals, time management, networking, finances, self-care, and stress management.

Social Groups
-Our social skill building groups utilize evidence-based therapeutic interventions to teach children and adolescents effective and useful social skills in a peer group setting, and they are provided with opportunities to practice and master those skills. 

Youth Activities
-Our Community Connection strives to provide various innovative and fun youth activities for our community youth to include free community holiday events. 

Homeschool Programs
-Our Homeschool Programs provide academic tutoring opportunities along with healthy structured social outlets for children and adolescents who receive their educations through a homeschool curriculum. 

After School Programs
-Our After-School Programs positively impact the lives of our children and adolescents by assisting them in overcoming barriers which prevent their success at school, home environment, and community involvement.

Summer Programs
-Our Summer Programs provide opportunities for children and adolescents to access fun and healthy outlets in their community while also receiving therapeutic support in a structured social setting.

Academic Success Day Programs
-Our Academic Success Day Programs are intervention programs grounded in evidence-based treatment approaches to decrease truancy, increase school success and connection to the youth's academic environment.

Parenting Programs
-Our Parenting Programs are specifically designed in evidence-based treatment methods to increase successful parenting at all developmental stages

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